Borrow Equipment



The Details

  • Chromebooks, from the Computing Help Desk.
    • For one month loans or less, stop by the Help Desk in person.
    • For longer loans, fill out the Help Desk Equipment Request form above.
  • Windows or MacBook laptops, from the Computing Help Desk
    • We have a limited number of these laptops, so approval will depend on your needs and availability.
    • For all loan requests, fill out the Help Desk Equipment Request form above.
  • iPads, from the Computing Help Desk
    • During the first two weeks of each semester, iPads are reserved only if they are required for specific coursework or if you have an approved need through the Accessiblity and Disablity Resources office.  Fill out the Help Desk iPad Request form above if you have a required need.
    • If you do not have a required need but would still like to borrow an iPad, such as for taking notes during classes, we will post an iPad Waitlist Form here soon. During the third week of classes we will notify the waitlist about availability.
  • Multimedia production equipment (DSLRs, audio recording, external hard drives, etc.) from the Knapp Equipment Desk
    • Check drop-in circulation hours via public calendar and direct questions to

    • Equipment is first-come, first-serve. Reservations are recommended but not required.
    • Most equipment circulates for 2 weeks at a time; some high-demand equipment (like DSLRs) circulates for 3 days at a time
      • All equipment is possible to renew (pending other reservations) by contacting BEFORE the due date. Renewals will not be granted to overdue equipment.
      • If your item cannot be renewed due to another reservation, you MUST return it on the original due date.
    • A $4,000 default overdue fee will be placed on your account for any overdue equipment. Overdue fees do not reflect actual replacement cost and can be waived when the equipment is returned (please request this; fees are not automatically cleared).
      • If equipment is overdue for more than 7 days, you will be banned from checking out Knapp equipment for the remainder of the semester.
      • If equipment is overdue for more than 1 month, the actual cost of replacement will be charged to your college account and you will be banned from checking out Knapp equipment entirely.
    • Knapp does not circulate speakers and we do not provide set-up services for our equipment. Please contact Media Services for event equipment.


  • ​Phone chargers, MacBook laptop chargers, calculators and headphones from the Clapp Service Desk
    • ​Check out and return these items during Clapp Library hours.
    • Questions: email or call 781-283-2166



Reserving equipment for an event?

  • Reserve projectors, screens, microphones, speakers and more through 25Live for your campus events.
  • Questions?  Contact Media Services