FAQ for Faculty

Student Library Research Award FAQ for Faculty

Q: What should I include in my letter of support?

A: Please indicate your comments regarding the way in which the student or students' work meets the award criteria listed below. Please limit your letter to one page. The award panel is especially interested in your assessment of the originality and depth of this work, and the appropriateness of the sources used to the course assignment.


Award criteria

  • Extensive and creative use of diverse library resources and collections in any format, appropriate to the length of the paper/project 

  • Exceptional ability to select, evaluate, and synthesize library resources into the creation of the paper/project

  • Correct citation of any footnotes, endnotes, internal documentation, and/or bibliography according to an accepted form of documentation (APA, MLA, etc.)


Q: Where do I send my letter of support?
A:  Letters can be sent directly (email or campus mail) to Karen Storz, kstorz@wellesley.edu, Clapp Library.


Q: If I have multiple students from the same class who are entering their work, can I just send one letter?

A: Please send one letter for each student (or group of student collaborators) who is submitting their work for consideration. If it happens that there are multiple students from your class that wish to submit their work, it is helpful to the evaluation committee to indicate any that you feel are particularly strong candidates according to the awards criteria.