Mail Services

“Our mission is to provide high quality service to the college community within a defined budget.

Provide the effective delivery of incoming mail and packages for all students and provide the best shipping information available to enable retail customers to select the best options. To ensure student mail and packages are sorted and made available in a timely manner for pick-up. We strive to represent ourselves in a warm, friendly and enthusiastic manner in order to ensure that our customers are treated well and with the respect we all deserve.”

Student Services

Student Mail Units

Delivery of all student campus and U.S. Mail directly to student’s assigned units (mailboxes).

Student Package Pick Up

Students will receive an email notification when their package arrives on campus. ID and signature required upon pick up. This includes all packages previously delivered directly to dorms.

Sending Campus Mail to Students

All students have been assigned their own UNIT # (mailbox) for receiving campus and U.S. Mail. Departments wishing to send campus mail to students can obtain the required campus address information by referring to the online directory listing campus addresses.

Campus mailings to individual class years can now be forwarded to mail services for distribution. Please state the class year, i.e. Class of ’06. Mailings for the entire student community should be marked as such and we will distribute to all boxes. Please send us the correct number of copies and distribution instructions.

Administrative & Academic

Outgoing and Incoming U.S. and Campus Mail Service Mail Service for administrative and academic departments will not change with the opening of the new Wang Campus Center. Current mailing procedures will remain in effect.

NOTE: Stamps will not be sold for use on college business mail.

Contact Fran Adams.