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After one semester at Wellesley, students who wish to accelerate should consult their class dean about petitioning to fulfill the requirements in less than a normal period of time. Refer to the Student Handbook for full policies and guidelines for students who wish to accelerate. The acceleration petition can be found here.
2022-2023 Acceleration Deadlines
Friday, Sept 30th, 2022 - Acceleration Petitions due to the Class Deans Office
Friday, Oct 14th, 2022 - Acceleration Petition due to the Registrar's Office (from the Class Dean)
Wed, March 1st, 2023 - Acceleration Petitions due to the Class Deans Office
Wed, March 15th, 2023 - Acceleration Petition due to the Registrar's Office (from the Class Dean)


Catalog and Course Browser

The Catalog lists all courses approved by the Curriculum Committee for the current academic year and which terms they are being offered. This online version is searchable by department/subject, distribution requirement, and a number of other criteria.

Catalogs from prior years are available from the Internet Archive or the Wellesley College Digital Scholarship and Archive page.

Refer to the Course Browser to check schedules, instructors and classroom locations by term. The list can be filtered by department, subject, schedule days and times, distribution requirements, as well as other criteria. Additional information includes prerequisite information, and whether or not the course has reserved seats or a Waitlist. Make sure to check the Course Browser the day before classes start, as classroom assignments may change.

Enrollment Verifications

We are excited to announce that you are now able to access your Enrollment Verification through Workday.

Final Exams

The Registrar's Office coordinates Fixed Exams and Self-Scheduled Exams during Finals Period each Fall and Spring term. Check our website for lists of courses with Fixed or Self-Scheduled Exams, exam pickup dates, times and locations, as well as for information about requesting Accommodated Exams via Accessibility and Disability Services.

Grading System & Policies

Refer to our website for information on grades and grading:

Learning Experience Reflections (LERs)*

LERs must be completed by all students for each instructor, each semester. They are due on the last day of Final Exams.

*formerly Student Evaluation Questionnaires (SEQs)

Leaves & Withdrawals

There are many reasons a student might need to request a temporary leave from their studies at Wellesley. Some common reasons include pursuing professional opportunities such as internships, taking time to address health concerns, engaging in study away from the college, or managing challenges at home or with family. Regardless of the reason for a potential leave, students should consult with their Class Dean as early as possible about their plans for a leave. Follow the link for more information about Leaves & Withdrawals.

Multicultural Requirement

Class Deans review courses towards the Multicultural Requirement. To request a course to be reviewed, students must fill out a Multicultural Requirement form.

Registration & Waitlists
Fall & Spring Semesters

Registration overview provides:

  • registration dates and deadlines
  • information about PE, Independent Study, and Thesis Registration
  • links to detailed instructions, FAQs and other resources

Summer Session 2022

Wellesley will offer its Summer 2022 courses in a remote format only. There are no courses offered on campus. The course offerings and schedules are available in the Course Browser and in Workday. The summer academic calendar dates are available. Please see the Summer website for additional information.

Course Load Limits:

Students enrolled in a 7-week summer term may enroll in no more than 2 courses and 2.25 units of credit. Exceptions to this policy are made by student petition to the Academic Review Board.

Summer 2022 Student Enrollment Policy: 

The summer student enrollment policy below describes which degree-seeking students are eligible to register and take courses.

Students who are eligible to enroll in summer courses:
  • Wellesley College students enrolled in a spring semester (either on campus or in approved international or domestic study away programs) are eligible to enroll in summer courses in the same calendar year. 
  • Wellesley College students on a one-semester personal leave, academic conditional leave or financial conditional leave in spring (and were enrolled in and completed the fall semester) and who are approved to return and are registered for the fall semester are eligible to enroll in summer courses in the same calendar year.
  • Wellesley College students on a full-year academic conditional leave may enroll with the permission of the class dean (especially to fulfill the academic conditions of the leave and complete eligibility requirements to return from the leave). Note that students who were not enrolled during the previous academic year are not eligible to request or receive financial aid. 
Students who are not eligible to enroll in summer courses:
  • Wellesley College students on medical leave in spring are not eligible to enroll in summer (in accordance with the leave of absence policy).
  • Entering students who will begin at Wellesley in the Fall semester (including First Year, transfer and Davis Scholar students) and students who are approved for readmission in fall are not eligible to enroll in summer courses.
  • Students on leave of absence for the full academic year (both the fall and spring semesters) are not eligible to enroll in courses in the following summer semester, except as described above.
  • Visiting students, auditors, and alumnae are not eligible to attend Summer 2022.
Former Students With Permission to Complete Outstanding Degree Requirements:

Students no longer enrolled who have permission to complete outstanding degree requirements are eligible to enroll in summer courses for the purpose of completing unmet degree requirements. 


Several 100 level language courses are offered on-campus during Wintersession each year. Follow the link for more information for On-Campus Wintersession courses.

Wellesley normally offers opportunities for a variety of travel courses. If interested in a travel course, students should contact the instructors directly.

Cross-Registration with Babson, Brandeis, Olin and MIT

Cross-Registration information for current Wellesley students wishing to study at one of our partnering schools:

  • Babson College
  • Brandeis University
  • Franklin Olin College of Engineering
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

and for students from these institutions looking to take courses at Wellesley College.


Students who are unable to register for a course but are interested in taking it may be able to join a Waitlist.

Student Records

Useful Workday instructions and documentation for students are available in the MyWellesley Portal under the Student Self-Service tab.

Academic History

Students can refer to their full Academic History (course record history) in Workday.

Academic Progress Report

NEW >>> The Workday Academic Progress Report (APR) is a student tool used to track progress toward the completion of general degree requirements.

Study Abroad

Check the Office of International Studies (OIS) website if interested in Study Abroad opportunities.

Thesis, Honors, & Fellowships

Check our website for Departmental Honors and Thesis Process information and timeline, Latin Honors information and eligibility criteria, as well as information, deadlines and FAQs for the Levitt and Schiff Fellowships.


Order an official Transcript through the MyWellesley Portal under the Administrivia tab.

Current students can access their Unofficial Transcript (Grade Report) in Workday in the Academics portlet.

Transfer of Credit | Advanced Placement & International Baccalaureate Credit

Find information about AP and IB credit and transferring credit from other institutions.

Refer to the Transfer of Credit page to access the instructions on how to fill out and submit a Transfer of Credit form for review. Please make sure to read through the Transfer of Credit Guidelines to find out what kinds of courses are eligible to transfer to Wellesley and what other rules apply.

Updating Your Information: Address / Name

Address Change: students can now change their address directly in Workday. Instructions are available under the Student Self-Service tab in the MyWellesley Portal.

Students who are undergoing a name change should refer to Wellesley's Student Name Policy and read through the instructions on how to go about requesting a Name Change.