Being in community is not an act, but a feeling, an experience of being seen, heard, and received exactly as we are, with all of the complexities that we embody.  It takes shape in a genuine connection, an unforgetable conversation, a quiet, perhaps silent moment- with another when we most need it.  Community matters and it takes all of us to build the community that we crave and cherish at Wellesley.  This site is an incubator for ideas and innovations that bolster a sense of community on campus.  We are a gaggle of heart-forward, enthusiastic creatives, seeking to build a sense of belonging through community initiatives and dialogue that amplify the brilliant and inspired people of Wellesley.  Got an idea? Let's charette!  Want a sounding board?  We're here for you.  We are here to bring ideas to life in a thoughtful and sustained way and to help you find the platform to make it happen.  Write to: to start dreaming together.

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TedxWellesley: Save the Date: February 25th

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