Health & Safety Inspections

Health and Safety Inspections

Health and Safety inspections are conducted throughout the academic year. Student will be notified at least 24-hour notice prior to inspections. Inspections will take place during evening Community Engagement (CE) Hours. Two Residential Life team members (RA, HP, or Community Director), will enter each room to make sure that the space meets our fire safety requirements (see below for prohibited and restricted items) and to ensure there are no other health or safety violations in the room. 

*If you have an assistance animal in your room, please be in contact with your Community Director to schedule a Health and Safety Inspection for which you can be present.

List of Prohibited Items:

  • Due to fire safety concerns, students are not allowed to have the following items in their rooms: air conditioners (unless approved by Disability Services), candles, incense, halogen lamps, incandescent lightbulbs, or portable space heaters.

List of Restricted Items: For use in common kitchens and kitchenettes ONLY

  • Due to fire safety concerns, students are not permitted to have instruments with exposed heating elements for use in their rooms. This includes hot pots, rice cookers, toasters, toaster ovens, tabletop grills, coffeemakers (excluding Keurig), and electric water boilers. These items can be stored in a student room (no plugged in) for use in common kitchens.

Professional and student staff members will be using the following checklist to guide their Health and Safety Inspections. Please prepare accordingly.

Residence Hall Health & Safety Checklist


General Conditions/Maintenance Needs

  •  Room Unsanitary (odor, excessive trash, dirty)
  •  Missing/Extra Furniture
  •  Missing Screens/Blinds/Shades


Fire Safety Policy Violations

  •  Space Heaters
  •  Open Element Appliance
  •  Candles
  •  Incense
  •  Overloaded electrical sockets
  •  Halogen Lamps
  •  Ceilings Covered
  •  More than 30% of walls covered
  •  Door Decorations (other than provided bulletin board)
  •  Extension cords, surge protectors, and string lights must be UL-approved

 Visually check room for items prohibited in halls

  •  Alcohol in possession of residents under the age of 21
  •  Illegal drugs/Paraphernalia (Campus Police will be notified)
  •  Weapons
  •  Pets or pet Paraphernalia (if not approved by Disability Services)