Faculty & Staff Service Award

Education is a lifelong pursuit and passion of Wellesley alumnae.

The Association recognizes the dedicated service that faculty and staff members give to alumnae by participating in Association programs.

Faculty & Staff Service Award Recipients

Marshall I. Goldman Davis Professor of Economics
William F. Coleman Professor of Chemistry
Miranda Marvin Professor of Art
Maud Hazeltine Chaplin ’56 Virginia Onderdonk Professor of Philosophy
Karl "Chip" Case Coman/Hepburn Professor of Economics
Peter J. Fergusson Feldberg Professor of Art
Lee Cuba Kenan Professor
Dean of the College
Mary Rosenthal Lefkowitz ’57 Andrew W. Mellon Professor of Classical Studies
2006 Wendy Hagen Bauer Professor of Astronomy
  Richard French McDowell/Whiting Professor of Astronomy
2007 T. James Kodera Professor of Religion
2008 Andrew Shennan Professor of History
Dean of the College
2009 Akila Weerapana Professor of Economics
2011 Kevin Reardon College Club Operations Manager
2012 Michèle Respaut Professor of French
2013 Jack McCarthy Service Manager, Facilities Management Administration
2014 Jacqueline M. Musacchio ’89 Professor of Art
2015 Rick Bourque
Hahrie C. Han
Printing Services Manager
Associate Professor of Political Science
2016 John Mulhall Transportation Coordinator, Motor Pool
2017 Sarah Willis Events Manager
2018 Rachael Coombes
Tony DiPesa
LTS Adminstration
2019 Paul Fisher Associate Professor of American Studies
2020 Robin Marshall LTS Administration