Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award

The Alumnae Association created the Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award to honor and celebrate outstanding volunteer service to Wellesley College.

Sed Ministrare Award

The Alumnae Association created the Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award in 2014 to recognize dedicated volunteer service to Wellesley College. The outstanding efforts of these alums fulfill the Alumnae Association’s mission of supporting institutional priorities by connecting alumnae to the College and each other. They have embodied the motto, “Non Ministrari sed Ministrare.”
Sed Ministrare Alumnae Volunteer Award Candidate Criteria:
  • The nominee has made significant or innovative contributions and/or shown superior performance and leadership in service to the complementary missions of the Wellesley College Alumnae Association and Wellesley College. 

  • The nominee must be an alum of Wellesley College.

  • Current members of the WCAA Board of Directors or Trustees of the College along with current employees of the WCAA and the College are excluded from award eligibility.


Nominations for the 2025 award are now open here
Please join us in congratulating the 2023 recipients!
 Beth McKinnon ’72 sed ministrare award recipient
Beth McKinnon ’72 has been volunteering in support of Wellesley for over 30 years. A longtime Wellesley Fund volunteer, Beth most recently served as her class’s co-representative leading up to their 50th Reunion in 2022. Beth’s dedication and work resulted in the class not only winning the Participation Cup during Reunion weekend, but also breaking all three of their previous fundraising records (five-year reunion total, number of Durant gifts and overall class participation). Beth’s volunteer roles have not been limited to fundraising for the College. She has also been deeply involved with her local alumnae club, the Washington Wellesley Club, as communications chair, secretary, and president. In 2012, Beth was invited to join the Wellesley College Alumnae Association Board of Directors and subsequently joined the Alumnae Achievement Award (AAA) Committee in 2017. In her final year on the AAA Committee, she stepped up to take over the position of chair when an unexpected need arose. Beth’s commitment to her volunteer work for Wellesley has been described by a fellow alum as “steadfast and thoughtful” and her work ethic “as contagious as her smile and laugh.”
Nida Mirz '05 sed ministrare award recipients 2021

Nida Mirza ’05 is an inclusive leader who has made sure that neither cost nor a global pandemic got in the way of connecting alumnae to each other and to the College. Prior to relocating to the west coast, Nida was on the board of the Wellesley Club of Merrimack Valley in Massachusetts. Since 2017, she has been active in the Wellesley Club of Silicon Valley, first as the communications chair and then as president. Under Nida’s leadership, the club offered workshops with the Wellesley Racial Justice Initiative and provided financial support to alums who otherwise could not attend club events. This inclusive spirit grew during the 2020 California wildfires and early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when the club launched Community Connections to offer support to alums in need of local assistance. She was also an early adopter of virtual technology and opened up the club’s events to all alums. During Nida’s tenure, the club has continued to offer many virtual programs over the last several yearsSupreme Court workshops, happy hours, a wellness series and has continued to extend invitations to all alums via social media. Nida also spent several years as an admission volunteer and interviewer. Throughout her many years serving Wellesley, Nida has made “thoughtful, welcoming, inclusive programming” for all alums a priority.


Sed Ministrare Volunteer Award - Past Recipients


Audrey Mandela ’80

Azizah Yasin ’94

Anne Kelly Byerly ’82


Pamela Boulet '87

Denny Donovan '79

Anne Kennedy '66

Michele Leonard '77


Jane Helmchen '61

Mei-Mei Tuan  '88

Francine Miltenberger '78 and Mana Uchino '88


Erin Corcoran '13

Lauren Young Durbin '99

Julia Griffith '71


Teresita Ramos '93

Erika Spitzer '06

Jody Strakosch '79


Susan Harmon '67

Erin Flannery Keith '05

Lisa Torreano '90


Brooke Bryant '03

Sally Katz '78

Pamela McNeil '82


Jane Dean '56

Bridget O'Connor Garsh '04

Charlotte LaRue Isaacs '68

Margaret Elizabeth Barr Wang '54


Whitney Shaffer Ackerman '03

Martha Reardon Bewick '62

Charlotte Hayes '75

Helen Kriz Marshall '77