Emergency Numbers and Dialing “911”

It is important to know what numbers to call in case of an emergency—on and off campus.  “911” is the general emergency number in the United States.  The call is always free, even from a payphone. A 911 call should be made with discretion. It is appropriate to call 911 when a crime is in progress, when someone is seriously injured, or when there is a situation involving death or near death. You may also call Wellesley College Campus Police for emergencies (781.239.5555, or 5555 from any campus phone) and for non-emergencies (781.283.2121, or 2121 from any campus phone).   

Wellesley College Police Department

The Wellesley College Police Department is a full-service public safety agency serving the Wellesley College community.  Campus Police dispatch is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Campus Police staff can also assist you in reporting off-campus incidents to local police departments. You should familiarize yourself with the Campus Police office location when you arrive on campus and take the time to learn about their programs by clicking on each of the links below:

Crime Prevention Programs
TIPS ( Take Interest in Public Safety) Program TIPS Main Page
Escort Program