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your Wellesley Domain Account password.

Accounts for faculty, staff, students, alumnae, and others

Other Accounts

Your Wellesley College Domain Account
Your Domain Account is the main account used for most of Wellesley College's systems.  Because this account is used on many different systems and gives access to a lot of your personal information, please DO NOT give out your account password to anyone!
The Help Desk will never ask for your Domain Account password for any reason.  Please check our LTS Alerts website for more information on recent phishing scams that have been asking for your password.
As part of our security policy, you should never give your Domain Account information to coworkers, students, spouses, etc., because your account can be used to view your pay stubs, health benefits, and other confidential personal information.
Please review our Computing Security website for more information.
Systems that use your Domain Account are:
  • The MyWellesley portal, which gives you access to:
    • Google Apps for Education (mailcalendar, groups, documents, etc.)
    • Sakai learning and collaboration system (LMS)
    • Employment Services (Workday) for time sheets, benefits, time off balances, pay stubs, personal information, etc.

When you are logged into MyWellesley, you can:

  • Access College Announcements when you are off-campus.
  • View the status of Help Desk requests that you have submitted.
  • Quickly access Library Resources when you are off-campus.
  • Access student resources, such as billing and payment policies, online payments, health insurance, your student account information, etc.
  • Authenticate your computer through the campus network security system.
  • Log into Windows computers in labs, classrooms, and office computers (where authorized).
  • Log into Mac OS X computers in labs, classrooms, and some offices (where authorized).
  • Authenticate from personal computers to campus file servers such as NTM.
  • Submit Facilities service requests.
  • Use the VPN for off-campus access to on-campus-only resources.

Changing Your Domain Account password
As part of our password guidelines, you should change your Domain Account password once a year.
Please visit our Password Reset website at to change your password.
If you forgot your password and are unable to use the password reset website, you will need to ask for a password reset from the Computing Help Desk. Students must bring their Wellesley College ID to the Computing Help Desk. Faculty and Staff can contact the Computing Help Desk at x3333.
Local Accounts on College-owned Macs
Many College-owned Macs may be using local accounts to log in, rather than your Domain Account. In the past, Macs used Domain Accounts for authentication.

Because many installations of Mac OS X are local accounts, they require every user to have a local account created on the computer. 

Changing the password to a local account
On the Mac you wish to change the password, go to Apple > System Preferences > Accounts.  Select your username, type in the new password in the Password field, and re-type to verify.
Getting help with a password reset
If you forgot the password to log into a local Mac account, please call the Help Desk (x3333 for faculty or staff) to set up an appointment for a staff member to visit your office and reset the password for you.
Library Database and Your Library Record
Library databases require authentication by accessing resources from on-campus or through the library web page links which include the library proxy server. Your library record, the proxy server, and most library e-resources authenticate via DUO, with the exception of interlibrary loan. Interlibrary loan login with your domain username(not email) and password.
If you're having trouble please email AskUs.

Google Apps for Education (mailcalendar, groups,