Rental Center

The Rental Center

The Rental Center will open for the Spring 2024 semester on January 26th

Check out rentals Fridays 4:30-7:30 pm

Return rentals Tuesdays 4:00-6:00 pm

The Rental center will close for the semester on Tuesday, April 23rd

The Rental Center will not be open on the following dates:

  • Spring Break: No classes from Friday, March 15th - Sunday, March 24th, Classes resume on Monday, March 25th

Renting Equipment

If you are interested in renting any of the items listed under Lawn Game Rentals or Outdoor Adventure Rentals, stop by the Rental Center desk in the KSC lobby, directly to the right of the main entrance to the KSC. To rent equipment, you will need to fill out a paper rental agreement form. Click here to view a sample rental form and read through all rental policies.

While you can reserve lawn games in advance via the Lawn Games Rental Form (see the Group Rentals section for more details), Outdoor Adventure Rentals are available only on a first-come, first-serve basis. If more than one group requests the same lawn game, the first group to make the request will receive priority.

Returning Equipment

The standard rental period for all rental items is four days, including the day you picked up the items. That means that if you rented equipment on Tuesday, your rental is due back Friday. If you rented equipment on Friday, your equipment is due back Monday. 

To return equipment outside the regular Rental Center hours, drop your rented items with a student worker at the KSC Front Desk. They will assist you with your return! As long as you return your rented items before the KSC closes on the date of your return, you will not be penalized for a late return. 

Extending Your Rental

If you want to keep your rented items for longer than the standard four days’ rental, email to request an extension before the original return date. We will do our best to grant all rental extensions when possible!

Group Rentals

If you are planning to rent lawn games on behalf of a group, department, or student org, please fill out the Lawn Games Rental Form at least a week in advance of the date you would like to pick up your lawn games. If we have what you need when you contact us, we will keep the lawn games on reserve for your event! Please note that September, October, and April are our busiest months for renting lawn games, so if you'd like to be sure we'll have them, reserve early!

If you don't hear from us, you can assume that we have your form and there are no issues with your rental. We will only contact you about your form if we have questions or if we are unable to fulfill your entire request.


There are two ways to rent cornhole boards and bags at Wellesley College: first, the Rental Center has a small, lightweight set of cornhole boards that are available to rent like all other Lawn Games free of charge. 

Second, the Rental Center also has four large sets of class color cornhole boards available to rent. However, these cornhole sets are very heavy, and in the interest of safety, the facilities staff needs to move them. 

If you would like facilities to move the boards M - F, between the hours of 8AM - 4PM, they can be moved free of charge. However, you would like facilities to move them outside these hours, you will be charged a $150 labor fee. 

You can reserve these cornhole boards by submitting a work order. However, we ask that before you do so, please email so that we can ensure that there are not any scheduling conflicts, advise you about fees, and provide guidance about the terms of the work order.


Email with any questions you may have.