Faculty & Staff

PERA Faculty and Staff
Name Title Office Phone
Bethany Ellis Director of Athletics/Chair of PERA KSC 249 2001 bethany.ellis@wellesley.edu
Katie Galiardi Senior Associate Director of Athletics and PERA KSC 248 2017 katie.galiardi@wellesley.edu
Martha Dietrick Associate Director for Finance & Personnel KSC 246 2023 mdietrick@wellesley.edu
Ann Dwyer Associate Director for Facilities & Operations KSC 247 2002 ad123@wellesley.edu
Brian Kuscher Associate Director for Physical Education KSC 235 2014 bkuscher@wellesley.edu
Tina Furdon Assistant to the Chair & Special Events Coordinator KSC 246A 2027 tfurdon@wellesley.edu
Kathy Hagerstrom Assistant Director of Operations and Equipment KSC 130  2019  khagerst@wellesley.edu 
Miles Roberts Director of PERA Communications & New Media KSC 233 2003 mrober11@wellesley.edu
Tim Snyder Butler Director for Sports Performance & Fitness KSC B30 2388 tsnyder@wellesley.edu
Monica Verity Director of Recreation and Club Sports KSC 242 2008 mverity@wellesley.edu
Ky Fuller Recreation Coordinator KSC B17 1911 kfuller@wellesley.edu
Bennie Wilkins Assistant Director for Facilities and Events KSC 246B 1888 bw104@wellesley.edu
Head Coaches      
Bonnie Dix Head Swimming and Diving Coach KSC 164 2021  bdix@wellesley.edu
Rob Charlton Head Fencing Coach KSC 246B 3768 rob.charlton@wellesley.edu
Phil Jennings Head Cross Country  and Track & Field Coach KSC 244 3105 pjenning@wellesley.edu
Jennifer Kroll Head Basketball Coach KSC 233B 2013 jkroll@wellesley.edu
Brian Kuscher Head Tennis Coach KSC 235 2014 bkuscher@wellesley.edu
Callie Lekas Head Field Hockey Coach KSC 243 2294 clekas@wellesley.edu
Jackie Beck Head Golf Coach KSC B37 1864 jb117@wellesley.edu
Keri O'Meara Head Softball Coach KSC 241 2126 komeara@wellesley.edu
Caitlin Pickul Head Soccer Coach KSC 232 2012 cp116@wellesley.edu
Lauren Schoenberger Head Lacrosse Coach KSC 233A 2011 lschoenb@wellesley,edu
Tessa Spillane Head Crew Coach KSC 236 2007 tspillan@wellesley.edu
Dorothy Webb Head Volleyball Coach KSC 234 2010 dwebb1@wellesley.edu
Physical Education Faculty
Sidi (Joh) Camara Instructor; African Dance KSC 246D   sc114@wellesley.edu
Samantha Cameron Instructor; Dance Basics, Advanced Dance; Yoga Dance KSC 246D 2169 scameron@wellesley.edu
Rob Charlton Instructor; Fencing KSC 246B 3768 rob.charlton@wellesley.edu
Calvin Chin Instructor; Tai Chi, Kung Fu KSC 246D 2119 cchin@wellesley.edu
Bonnie Dix Associate Professor of the Practice; Swimming, Sailing KSC 164 2021  bdix@wellesley.edu
Beth Gifford Instructor; Yoga KSC 246D   bgifford@wellesley.edu
Cori Grande Instructor; Zumba KSC 246D   cgrande@wellesley.edu
Rhonda Gray Instructor; Yoga KSC 246D   rgray@wellesley.edu
Shefali Jain Instructor; Classical Indian Dance KSC 246D   sj104@wellesley.edu
Damien Prohaska Instructor; Tennis KSC 235   dp106@wellesley.edu
Jennifer Kroll Associate Professor of the Practice; Cardio Fitness, Strength Training KSC 233B 2013 jkroll@wellesley.edu
Brian Kuscher Assistant Professor of the Practice;  Tennis KSC 235 2014 bkuscher@wellesley.edu
Callie Lekas Assistant Professor of the Practice; Spinning KSC 243 2294 clekas@wellesley.edu
Patty Magill Instructor; Pilates KSC 246D   pmagill@wellesley.edu
Susie Masters Instructor; Yoga KSC 246D   smasters@wellesley.edu
Ky Fuller Instructor; Rock Climbing KSC B17   kfuller@wellesley.edu
Keri O'Meara Associate Professor of the Practice; Boot Camp Fitness, Spinning KSC 241 2126 komeara@wellesley.edu
Tanya Roberts Instructor; Couch to 5K, Fitness Walking KSC 232 2012 trobert2@wellesley.edu
Lauren Schoenberger Assistant Professor of the Practice; Fusion Fitness, Stretch and Strength KSC 233A 2011 lschoenb@wellesley.edu
Olga Shurchkov Associate Professor of Economics; PE Instructor; Taekwon-Do PNE-417 2984 oshurchk@wellesley.edu
Linda Sieck Instructor; Yoga, Zumba, Barre KSC 246D 2119 lsieck@wellesley.edu
Tessa Spillane Assistant Professor of the Practice; Canoeing, Sailing  KSC 239 2007 tspillan@wellesley.edu
Catherine Ulissey Instructor; Ballet KSC 246D 2119 culissey@wellesley.edu
Dorothy Webb Professor of the Practice; Volleyball, Spinning KSC 234 2010 dwebb1@wellesley.edu
Support Staff        
Jack Daigle Equipment Specialist KSC B18 2024 jdaigle@wellesley.edu
Bruce Baker Equipment Specialist KSC B18 2024 bbaker@wellesley.edu


  • PERA Professor Emerita of the Practice

    B.S., Illinois State University; M.S., Arizona State University; Certificate, Indiana State University

    Sports Medicine Outreach project; engaged in predictive injury study; director, Employee Wellness Program.

    More about Connie Lynn Bauman

  • Instructor in Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

    B.A., San Jose State University; M.A., University of California (Los Angeles)

    Dancer by trade. Poet by heart. Yogini by spirit. Multimedia artist by convergence.

    More about Samantha Cameron

  • PERA Associate Professor of the Practice

    B.S., University of Vermont; M.S., University of Tennessee (Knoxville)

    Swimming coach, fascinated by psychological aspects of sport performance, sport and positive psychology.

    More about Bonnie M. Dix

  • Instructor in Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

    B.S., Northeastern University

    Educates and empowers others to optimal health by sharing passion for and expertise in exercise with yoga, Pilates, coaching, training.

    More about Beth Gifford

  • Assistant Director, Equipment & Operations, Keohane Sports Center

    B.J., University of Nebraska (Lincoln); M.S., University of Central Missouri; Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies, Cambridge College

    More about Kathy Hagerstrom

  • PERA Assistant Professor of the Practice

    B.A., Hamilton College; M.Ed., The College of New Jersey

    Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach

    More about Phil Jennings

  • PERA Associate Professor of the Practice

    B.S., Northwestern University; M.S., University of Kentucky

    Varsity basketball coach; promoting and teaching physical fitness and lifelong positive health habits.

    More about Jennifer A. Kroll

  • PERA Associate Professor of the Practice

    B.A., Franklin Pierce University; M.A., Concordia University

    Coaching and teaching tennis for more than 17 years, including private coaching, club coaching, college coaching, and national teams.

    More about Brian K. Kuscher

  • PERA Associate Professor of the Practice

    B.A., Montclair State University; Ed.M., Bloomsburg University

    Wellesley Softball stays true to the fundamentals of the game. We strive to develop leaders on and off the field.

    More about Keri O’Meara

  • Instructor in Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

    B.A., William Paterson College

    Passionate about creating life balance through yoga, dance, Pilates, meditation, and humor.

    More about Linda M. Sieck

  • PERA Professor of the Practice

    B.A., Mount Holyoke College; M.S., Smith College

    Varsity crew coach and director of intramural rowing programs; instructor in sailing and canoeing.

    More about Tessa Spillane

  • Instructor in Physical Education, Recreation and Athletics

    B.A., Emerson College

    From Ballet to Broadway with slippers worn through, it’s now time to teach the dance to the disciplined and the new.

    More about Catherine Ulissey

  • Director of Recreation / PERA Associate Professor of the Practice

    B.S., Wagner College M.S., Boston College

    Press release.

    More about Monica Verity

  • PERA Professor of the Practice

    B.A., University of the Pacific; M.A., Brown University

    Direct NCAA Division III intercollegiate volleyball program and teach skills and fitness courses in the Physical Education Department.

    More about Dorothy Webb