At Wellesley

Google Apps at Wellesley College

Below are links to customized tools and directions for using Google Apps at Wellesley College.


Use Mail Merge to send customized emails

Use Google Drive, Contacts, and Gmail to send customized messages to many people at once.

Receive detailed emails from Google Form submissions

Use Google Forms and Spreadsheets to send detailed emails of form submissions to a list of recipients.

Alternate email addresses (aliases) for your account

Your Wellesley Gmail account includes alternate email addresses (aliases) that are based off your full name and preferred name, and can be used similar to your email address.

Adding Auditors to a Course Google Group

Change two settings on your Google Group so you can add people who do not have Wellesley accounts.

Wellesley's Course Template for Google Sites

Learn how to setup a Google Site for your course using a customized template.

Terms of Service for using Google Apps at Wellesley College

The terms of service for our use of Google Apps for Education.

See what applications have access to your Google Apps account

Use this guide to see what applications you have given access to different parts of your Wellesley Google Apps account.